Butterfly gardening presentation in Saratoga State Park

On Sunday May 5th the DEC is holding a native plants festival in Saratoga Springs, NY at the Saratoga State Park. They have invited me to give a presentation on butterfly habitat gardening in the Saratoga region, a topic which is mutually inclusive to gardening with native plants. I am speaking at 1pm at 19 [...]

Visiting a local Bird Conservation Area

Yesterday I took a hike in a natural area close to my home for natural inspiration . In Moreau Lake State Park, where I was for the afternoon, there is a Bird Conservation Area. This is a New York state sanctioned, DEC monitored and protected reserve. There are 52 areas state wide, and they are [...]

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On a recent visit to the DEC tree nursery in Saratoga

This past week I finally had a chance to do something I've meant to for weeks: visit the Saratoga DEC Tree Nursery. I drive by it on Route 50 all the time on my way to garden design projects in the Saratoga and capital district. I've been more than curious: I've read about some of [...]

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