Butterflies and Yarrow

Some home gardeners in Saratoga and Lake George don't like Yarrow, they think it spreads too quickly. The Butterflies feel differently though; Yarrow is one of the best plants to choose for attracting Butterflies to the garden. Butterflies can see more range of light than any other creature. They see the full spectrum of light [...]

Surprise Habitat Garden in Saratoga Springs, NY

Imagine my delight when I pulled into my bank's parking lot this morning, in Saratoga to discover a fully established and tasteful habitat garden! The garden is long, perhaps 100 feet or more, narrow and optimized with plants to attract birds and plants to attract butterflies. Saratoga Springs, NY is special this way: you never [...]

Feng Shui Garden Project in Lake George, NY

The past year has brought me the good fortune of developing a close friendship with my region's premier Feng Shui Consultant. A side benefit to a rich friendship has been my absorption of major Feng Shui principles. If you have an interest in learning these, I suggest following Brenda's facebook page. Useful suggestions are offered [...]

On Blue Lupine

Ecologists label the area of the world where I live as the, "Connected Pine Grove." This classification refers to the naturally occuring pockets of Karner Blue butterfly habitat areas between Albany, Saratoga and the greater Glens Falls region. The Wilton Wildlife Preserve, just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY is the key protected area serving as [...]

The Summer in Review, Part 2

It is mid-November as I write this. Many of the gardens that I work in are a ways south of where I live, and they are experiencing a strange, elongated season of warm and wonderful weather. In fact it is so pronounced that at one client's home the daffodil bulbs are confused and sprouting: 7-8" [...]

Native Plants for Community: Love Your Neighbor

Recently the local government where I live decided to make planting invasive species on lakefront property (Lake George, NY) a punishable offense. A $5000 fine might be levied, or up to 15 days in jail! This is exciting news for those of us in the ecological community. We've been proselytizing about the ecological benefits of [...]

Consider the Monarch

I found a great organization yesterday: "Habitat Gardening in Central New York." Great Native Plant resource Apparently if you contact these folks, they will send you free Swamp Milkweed seeds, and planting instructions. Not only is this variety ascetically pleasing, but it is the mainstay of the Monarch butterflies lifecycle. Order some now (for free!) [...]

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