Men near gardens

Archimandrite Athanasy in the Monastery Gardens


This fall I had the delightful opportunity to design and install a new butterfly garden at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Monastery in South Canaan, PA in the yard for Archimandrite Athanasy.

native plants garden at the Monastery

Butterfly Garden for St. Anna

The monks at the Monastery keep honeybees and sell the honey and other bee products at the bookstore. The addition of this butterfly garden, loaded with wildflowers and other native plants will benefit more than just the butterflies- the bees will love all the wildflowers. Hopefully as the wildflower population of the campus increases over years to come, the bee’s honey-making capacity will also improve.

St. Anna is very special to Fr. Athanasy, and when the wildflowers fill in over years to come there will be flowers in bloom for her almost every day from May-October and butterflies visiting the garden every day. Fall is the best time of the whole year for new garden installations and once in awhile there’s a garden project so special it almost makes the inevitability of winter feel almost okay.