This week found me delightfully engaged in one of my all time favorite types of gardening projects: I was comissioned by an amusement park center near me to design and install some Children’s Gardens, with the kids there helping!

We decided to use Little Acres because they are the perfect size for manageable fun for little guys and gals. Another reason is because we get complete control of soil quality when we plant these raised beds: we used a disproportionate mix of organic soil, humus and compost of cow manure. The 4th and 5th grade boys really enjoyed working with the cow manure. It may have turned the corner for gardening as a “fun” activity to them for good!

This week was brutally hot in parts; we emphasized to everyone the only rule of the garden is to, “Water, water, water, water!”

We are utilizing organic methods and ecologically sound strategies to maintain these Little Acre gardens. Many spicy herbs have been interplanted with the vegetable garden for companion planting action. Nasturtium, Borage, Marigold and Tansy are all among the vegetables to stink out pest insects and attract predators and pollinators. A big, beautiful Mullein plant is embedded to attract songbirds who will hopefully stay and eat bugs. (Although when things start fruiting we may rethink that strategy!)

Summer’s bounty will in one way or another delight many in this space. The fresh organic produce will be a fun bonus as the kids learn about edible gardening, and life and motion will be (and already have been) brought anew to a previously drab corner of an otherwise fun property.